We are of course aware that these are not really "real" dragon teeth. In reality these are actually just the egg teeth of the Fairy Dragons, which they lose shortly after hatching. They already give an idea of the colors the little dragons will eventually have. 

So this is really an attachment at the top of their beaks with which they can free themselves from the egg. And with those very thick egg shells, this is quite an ordeal, so their egg teeth sometimes suffer a bit. Once the little dragons have hatched, these egg teeth will fall off within the next 2 - 3 days.

We then collect and polish them and offer them here for sale. They are quite versatile and you can use them as a pendant, attach them to a zipper, a key ring or on those tiny USB sticks you will otherwise never find again... 


Enjoy browsing!

All the collected Dragonteeth at a glance



Here are all the Dragonteeth in one spot. On "All The Single Teeth" you will (surprise) find each tooth presented individually for a more detailed look, while under "All the Teeth" they are presented just one after the other for a quick overview or a slide show.... 


Most of the teeth here have already found a new home by now, but I have still put them in here just to show what's possible. While each tooth is completely unique and there will never be another one quite like it, if you like one very much I can try to do something similar. But that's as far as it will go, it will never look exactly the same. No way. So once they are gone, they are trully gone - but what I can do is try and find something with the same color scheme.. So if you are looking for one and the ones still here are just not quite "it", that may be the way to go. 

Oh, and not all of the teeth got already a bezel attached because sometimes I was just a little too eager to take the picture but the finished ones will have one. :)