My pendants are made from polymer clay and most of the time I will polish them to a high gloss by hand. Not the kind of work many polymer clay artists are quite fond of :), but I like how it looks and feels. Sometimes though I will seal the surface with a clear coat of lacquer, use resin or even leave it as it is. 


The amazing colors of the clay got me hooked - you can mix them and thus create almost any color or shade you want. 

And of course you can also mix or refine the clay with mica, glitter or other colors or objects. 

In the above technique the surface is colored with liquid metal paints and then sealed with a clear coat of lacquer. 

The inspiration for this design comes from a friend who also got me hooked on polymer clay to begin with. 

From her I bought my first pieces of jewelry and later got infected by her huge enthusiasm for this immensely versatile material. 

It did not take too long and there I was, kneading the clay.... with no end in sight. Sometimes I just run out of time or life keeps me too busy to get much done, but whenever I find the time I am back at work :)