Jewelery and knick knacks made from Polymer Clay

What you will find here are some pictures of my creations from Polymer Clay and also a few background infos. 

All my pieces are made with love and enthusiasm and they are unique - you will never find them on another person and there will not be another quite like this one. 

To be honest I actually really create them for myself and love everyone of them, and if some of them  just have their own mind and idea of how they want to turn out - oh well. It keeps things interesting,... 


 So please, come in, have a look around  and I do hope you wil l find something you like... Enjoy!


Jewelery and Pendants

Made to fit

You can wear those as a pendant, on a keychain, stick them on your tiny USB stick, so you may actually find it again ... there are lots of good uses for those little things, really. 

Pendants, bracelets and whatever else time will bring... 

How about something special? Or  a color scheme that is just so? Do you like one of my pendants but would prefer it in another color? This is where at least some wishes will come true!


Birds With Teeth